LIAN Billiard Rod Small Head Black Eight English Snooker Table Club Box Set (145cm/57.1in Packing of 1)

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Product Description

WHY YOU CHOOSE ME —- Stunning, super balance and good looking, this is one of the best-selling handmade cues designed for the English pool & snooker

Product Name: American Chinese style eight ball rod
Rod structure:3/4 split Cue
Material: Ash wood
Applicable people: adults
Applicable ball: British style snooker, Chinese style black eight
Brass middle wheel interface, tighten tightness, transmission stability
Brass lengthens the interface to assist the attack on the far table, beautiful and durable

This price is the price of a single Ball bar + box. Multi-camera combination shooting, only show the Ball bar type, color, please know
Because the Ball bar is made of pure wood, the pattern of each batch of wood is different, and the front and rear of the club are based on the actual object.
Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring errors are allowable within the normal range.
There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item

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  • Great value for money,If you have any questions, please contact us at any time
  • ▲Pool Cue: Chinese style eight ball pole, Small Head Club
  • ▲Material: The forelimb is made of high quality white wax, with excellent elasticity and lightness, grasp once, love not to release, and Handgrip then take black sandalwood as the bottom, with warm and delicate feeling, no sticky greasy, smooth feeling, smooth beating experience
  • ▲ Size: Ball bar length 145cm / 57.1in. Ball bar weight: 18 ounces, hitting briskly
  • ▲ Packing: Ball bar *1, Right-angled bar box *1, Lengthen Handgrip *1, chalk *1, Leather head cut *1, Brush cloth *1, Leather special glue*1,Sand paper*1,Blue Skin head*1.Middle wheel protective sleeve*1. The perfect gift for your friends or loved ones
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