Novus Table Game Koroona Sea Billiard Pool Full Set 4 Cues 32 Pucks Stand

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  Novuss (also known as koroona or korona) is a two-player (or four-player, doubles) game of physical skill which is closely related to carrom/ Karrom, and pocket billiards. Originally it was played by sailors (Novuss has discs instead of balls so game table can be set up quickly and it can be set even on uneven surfaces – retractable stand also allows to store it and save space when game table is not used) The board is 100 centimetres (39 in) square,  made of wood, has pockets in each corner, and lines marked on the surface.  The board is usually placed on a stand, but may be placed on a barrel or other surface that allows the pockets to hang down properly.It uses small discs instead of balls, and each player has a small puck instead of the cue ball used in other cue sports.Players use a small cue stick to propel their pucks into their colored object discs (the novuss equivalent of object balls), knocking them into the pockets.The winner is the first one to sink all eight of their object discs (of which there are sixteen in total in two different-coloured sets, plus the two pucks).Novuss Koroona game kit includes everything to start playing.Packed in the original cardboard box.Includes Novuss table 108×108 cm (standard size)Legs for table (stand). Legs are supplied in parts.4 cuesPucks set (16 red, 16 black and 2 big pucks) 150 g table polish

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