WXS 3/4 Joint Snooker Cue, Ash 145cm Handmade 18oz Pool Cues with Extension and Cue Case Set (Color : B)


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Product Description

Fine workmanship, each cue is handmade, hand-selected, hand-polished, hand-set, hand-installed and tested, each cue is a masterpiece!

Forelimb material: ash

Length: 145cm

Weight: 18oz

Specifications: 3/4 Joint

Tip: 10mm

Grip diameter: 28.5mm

Suitable for ball: snooker, nine ball, black eight, etc.

Cue Classification: Snooker cue


Manually measure the size of the club. If there are any errors, the actual error will prevail.

Since the clubs are made of pure wood, the styles of the woods are different.Before the delivery, the limbs are mainly in kind.


  • High-quality ash wood quality: the forelimb is made of ash wood, the simple and elegant hand feels comfortable, the wood is treated by constant temperature and humidity, avoiding the loosening of the limbs without sensor, and the ash rod is directly stable and straight.
  • The middle of the club is connected: the inner wheel protector of the middle wheel of the steel stamp, good elasticity / not easy to deform / smooth and smooth.
  • Club head: Brass copper hoop reduces sensory diarrhea and makes sensing better when playing.
  • Both inside and outside: gorgeous appearance + strength to play valuable materials to show the taste, the shaft is smooth and evenly elastic and smooth, the strength is strong, just to make you better.
  • Hand-polished: There are artisans hand-polished, straightness is guaranteed, spirituality, beauty, delicate, strong and transparent, feel good.
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